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MakersLab is introducing 3D printing workshops for english speaking audience.

If you’d like to learn more about this cool technology, join our workshop and learn how to turn those designs you’ve imagined into physical things with just the click of a button!

We’ll teach you how to print step-by-step from 3D model acquisition/creation throughout the whole process of materialization of your ideas.

We will demonstrate various 3D printers during the workshop, explain different 3D printing technologies and their applications. You’ll learn what software is needed for 3D modeling or where to download 3D models in case you don’t want to model yourself.

You’ll also learn how to initialise and set up the 3D Printer with basic settings and print your own thing.

The workshop is suitable for both novices and those more experienced with 3D printing. Anyone with an interest in 3D printing who wants to learn more should come along! Stop wasting your time searching information about 3D printing on internet and come to MakersLab to learn about the possibilities with real printers and check out how printed things look like.

Workshops take place on Fridays from 4pm to 6pm in MakersLab Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43, Prague 7).  Click „book now!“ for reservation and to see scheduled workshop dates.

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