Why would it useful to you? And to the customer?

The trend of todaay is to be visible and unique. The majority of people reacts positively while seeing personification. This effect is visible on marketing campains of CocaCola or Botas.
3d print offers not only direct personification and we dont mean just colors or sizes, we truly mean the product that the customer really wanted. Lets say stop to the mugs and pencils with stickers on it.
To this day a thing like this wasnt really possible. but with the arrival of 3d printing factories, the custom made produts are going to be a common cause.

On this wristband the logo of the ZOOT company is apparent. It can easily serve as a presentation tool on various conventions or as a partnership gift. The design is original.

If we take a wristband (see above) we can very easily complete more products of the same series that are based on the original. Fantasy is limitless

More illustrations relevant to personalization.

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