We help others to create!

Small manufacturing

Most producers have set limits for small manufacturing. We on the other hand are not against producing even a single product, that of course doesn’t mean we are not able to produce hundreds of them per day. We put extra emphasis on the speed and flexibility, 3d print brings us quality solution for exactly that.

Design and development of your very own product

Solution exactly for you is the key for success. To be able to reiterate immediately and our personal assistance gives the word rapidprototyping a certain weigh (its a promise).
Dig up your ideas from deep down and try a real development.

  • Studies  (The room for a fantasy is big, but a reality check is necessary)
  • Design  (There are many 3d programs and we choose the one that goes best)
  • Testing  (You can come to a finished product)

Integration of a 3d print into manufacturing

The 3d print bubble is slowly fizzleing out hence it is time for this technology to become a common part of manufacturing. Turn away from warehouse storages and from the addiction on suppliers. Have all of your products under control and produce only the necessary components which you really need.

Spare parts and spare solutions

3D print is not a world’s savior but if it ensures that your components will Las longer it can be crucial for you or your company. Don’t let yourself be consumed by a consumer spiral in which repair costs are really high.