We are a team that doesnt live only in the 3d print world.


By collaborating with paralelni polis our creative makerslab rooms have been started with Tomáš Michálek and Adam Jech as our frontmen. many eduactional presentation and consultations in the 3rd print field formed Makerslab. More about the Makerslab project here -> www.makerslab.cz


Adam Jech and Tomáš Michálek start up another company called Open innovation, 4 more people joined our team. Our portofio which can satisfy even our demanding customers now consists of various workshops, 3d printer sales and custom 3d prints.


By the end of the year our company onto a better place in Prague with its whole team which now includes 14 people who are taking care of smooth run of Makerslab. The concept of Makerslab is now an opensource.
Our 3d factory department that is handling manufacturing has been established.

Our visions and plans

Our vision is a 3d printing factory that will be printing up nonstop 24hours a day and will be able of producing products in mere days. To be able to satisfy our small customers and manufacturing/big companies. With this as our goal we try to put our prices to a level that would make 3d printing a field where everyone could join in.

Our motto is “we help others to create”. We are creating open resources projects for anyone who would like to start improving himself or creating new stuff. All our projects are available on our github.

Adam Jech & Tomáš Michálek